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2nd Night Lakeside Road Ioannina

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Saturday, June 6, the 2nd Night Lakeside Road Ioannina puts them again on the streets of Ioannina, this time under the moonlight.

The race is organized by the Association of Runners of Ioannina, one of the most massive clubs, actively participates with runners at every sporting event in our region, but also with many awards to small and major sporting events in Greece and abroad.

The race supports the Municipality of Ioannina and Epirus, ensures the smooth running of the Traffic Ioannina, while the Great and Sole sponsor is the Fifth Element – Basil Tzoumakas. This afternoon, the City Hall of Ioannina, on behalf of the Association president Vangelis Grammeniatis and member Giorgos Papaioannou and by the municipality, the Deputy Mayor panel Kolokas and Executive City Councillor of Sports, Vassilis Kaloudis, invited to participate in Ioannina Night Lakeside road.

The President of the Association of Runners of Ioannina, in his statements was not limited in view of the particular sporting event, but spoke of the objectives set global our region through major sports events held.

As Mr. Grammeniatis, “that we are today at City Hall, it means that we have a Municipal Authority that has the will to strengthen the sport. It happens for the first time the Mayor and too many Councillors not only support us, but be the same runners and participate. ” This -as eipe- helps not only to the promotion of sporting events, but to set goals and achieve their cooperation. And what the goals are, according to the president of CAC: – “to grow the cursor movement in our region, which we see happening every day” – “to organize a big international fight is what we lack and will come crowning the struggles taking place in region. We already have four big games in the city of Ioannina and the other three in our county “-” to establish Ioannina as a sports-tourist destination. ” In his statements, Deputy Mayor for Education,

Social Affairs, Youth, Sport and Voluntary Pantelis Kolokas underlined that “it has become apparent to us all that the cursor movement, the mass popular sport has developed a very satisfactory level and this is because the cooperation of the Municipality, the Region and sports associations and clubs, has paid off. ” Mr. Kolokas argued that “the first targets have been achieved,” but “the biggest come through collaboration we can make them act. The city of literature can become the city of sport and our goal all become “capital” of sports tourism and have measurable results. ” About the Match The 2nd Night road 10km will take place Saturday 06/06/2015 Saturday starting at 8 pm from the square Mavili. After last year’s experience have been many improvements and changes to the route, making it more compatible. The route to be used this year will be: starting Mavili Square – Karamanli Avenue – Dionysios the Philosopher – Garibaldi – avenue Karolos Papoulias – General Vogianou – Avenue George Genimmata – reversal and return of Avenue George Genimmata – General Vogianou (to the node) – inversion and return from General Vogianou – avenue Karolos Papoulias (until ODEON) – reversal and return Avenue Karolos Papoulias (ol) -after Garibaldi National Resistance – Square Martyr George – Karamanli Avenue – Mavili Square.

Registration for participation is already elevated and continue: 1. Electronics at 2. In the store FIFTH ELEMENT on Dagli and Papazoglou 1 in Ioannina, tel: 26510 37309. The participation fee is 10 euros and It includes the medal will be given to all participants, number, and shirt. Source:

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